Lathom & Burscough War Memorial. Names L to Z.



Laing Norman Preston, Capt. M.D 

Royal Army Medical Corps, Died 31.10.19.

Buried St Michaels Church Augton.

Husband to Constance D Laing, Oaklands, Aughton.

Aged 30.

Son of Dr J G Laing L.R.C.P.I. L.R.C.S & Mrs Catherine Laing,

Netherby House, Junction Lane, Burscough.

Born Burscough.

A memorial plaque of a non war related emphasis is in Burscough

St John The Baptist Church in recognition of the work the family did for the said church.

He is not on the church war memorial.

His cousin Lt Alexander Laing R.E’s of  Wigan was also killed in 1918.

Medal card. Photograph. Grave. Medal Card.

Lamb James Pte 64956 13th(Service) Kings (Liverpool) Regt

Kia 3.10.18.

Husband to Mrs J Lamb, Victora Street, Burscough.

Buried Ribecourt Railway Cemetery.

Born Lived Burscough.

Commeorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Was only recently married by Rev Stoney, twice wounded. before enlisting worked as boatman Leeds Liverpool Canal.

Photo. Obituary. Grave. In Memoria. Medal card.

Lamb John

203305 Pte 18th (2nd City Pals) The Kings (Liverpool) Regt.

DOW 4.9.17.

Buried Bailleul Communal Cemetery.

Son of John Lamb Fern Cooatges, New Lane, Burscough.

Born & lived Burscough.

Grave photo. In Memoria. Biography. Obituary. Medal card.

Langton Henry. 332093 Pte 2/9th Kings (Liverpool) Regt kia 4.11.17.

Has no grave commemorated on Tyne Cot Memorial.

Born & lived Lathom.

Church magazine of St John the Baptist records his death in December 17 issue.

Memorial photo. Family grave. Medal card.

Commemorated on St John’s Church Memorial.

Langton Robert.  260232 Pte 11th Border Regt( Lonsdale Bn) kia 1.10.17.

Formerly 203924 Kings Regt.

Aged 25.

Buried Coxyde Military Cemetery.

Husband of Elizabeth Ellen Langton, Moss Bridge, Lathom.

Born & lived Lathom.

Commemorated at St John The Baptist Church.

Photo. Grave Photo. Medal Card.

His wife was to marry James Ashcroft brother of 5662 Henry Ashcroft kia 31.7.17.

They had a number of children one of whom later became wife to Joseph Fitzpatrick nephew of Trp John  Fitzpatrick 1st KDG kia 1.6.15, whos two brothers also served.

Lea Harry 132699 Gnr. ‘C’ Batt, 64 Bde RFA. kia 10.8.17.

Aged 28.

Has no known grave commemorated Menin Gate, Ypres.

Son of Thomas Lea 213 Moss Lane, Lathom & the late Isabella Lea.

Born  & lived Lathom.

St John Parish Magazine records the death October 1917.

He is not commemorated on St Johns Memorial.

Medal card.

Lea Henry 125775 Pte Machine Gun Corps kia 26.3.18.

Buried Grevilliers British Cemetery.

Born Burscough, lived Hindley.

Grave says ‘believed to be buried near this spot’

Commemorated at St John The Baptist Memorial.

Grave photo, Medal card.

Lea Roger L’Cpl 14754 12th (Service) The Kings( Liverpool) Regt. dow 12.9.17.

Aged 23.

 Buried St Sever Cemetery, Rouen.

      Son of Andrew & Margaret Lea, Mill Lane, Lathom.

Born Ormskirk, lived Lathom

Served as stretcher bearer, worked pre war fo Lord Lathom.

Faithful member of St Johns bible class. Parish magazine October 17 records his death.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Memorial.

Photo. Biography. Grave. In memoria. Family Grave. Medal card.

Lea Robert ( Bob) Cpl 330291 9th Kings(Liverpool) Regt. Drowned 14.6.17.

Aged 23.

Son of William & Mary Lea of Warpers Moss, Lathom.

Buried Erquingham Churchyard Extension.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Memorial.

Grave Photo. Biography. Obituary. In Memoria. Family grave

Leyland Joseph Richard L’Cpl 488485 14th (Service) Bn Kings (Liverpool)Regt 

Died 24.4.18.

Aged 26.

Buried Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria, Greece.

Son of Robert & Katherine Leyland, 2 Nelsons Cottages, Lathom.

Commemorated on Lathom Memorial Hall, Lane, Lathom.

Biography. Photograph. Obituary. Archive. Medal card

Lewis Richard Wilkinson Pte 27242 8th(Service) Bn South Lancashire kia 11.7.17.

Has no grave on Menin Gate Ypres.

Son of william & Mary Lewis of Widnes.

Born enlisted Widnes, Lived Burscough.

Commemorated on the family oberlisk at St John The Baptist Church.

Not commemorated on the church memorial.

Memorial photo. Medal card.

McDonald Thomas Pte 55693. 1st Kings( liverpool)  dow 17.11.16.

Aged 26.

Son of Michael & Mary McDonald 26 Waltham Road, Anfield.

Buried Couin British Cemetery.

Born Burscough, lived Liverpool.

Grave photo. Medal card.

Not Commemorated at St John The Baptist.

McLeod Frederick Pte 359134. 10ty Kings (Liverpool Scottish) 29.5.17.

Aged 19.

Son of William & Jane Mcleod, 132 Liverpool Road, Burscough Town.

Bureid Erquinghem Churchyard Extension.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Original Grave photo, Grave photo. Medal card. Obituary.

McCauley William  Major M.C. & Bar. RFA died 23.5.1922.

Gassed in 1917 in the act of the ‘deed’ that won him the ‘Bar’ to his M.C. His medal card indicates ‘attached’ to the AOC, it can be assumed the ‘clean air’ of Burscough was of benefit in his convalescence. It is normal to see RFA & AOC ‘interwoven’ in service so an ‘attachment’ such as this is not uncommon.

A very brave man who by his ‘deeds’ showed utter contempt for his own life and palced his men before his own.

Son of William & Agnes McCauley of Bornat, Derry, Ireland.

His medal card gives his fathers residence as Plumstead, Kent.

Buried St Johns R.C. Churchyard, Chapel Lane, Burscough.

His grave in the churchyard. Medal card.

Attd to RAOC at the Burscough Depot.

Mann Isaac  See Horrocks.

Martland James. Pte 94300 13th(Service) The Kings (Liverpool) Regt. kia 31.8.18.

Aged 19.

Formerly 39304 East Lancashire Regt.

Buried Ecoust St Mein British Cemetery.

Son of Robert & Lydia Martland, 5 Stanley Street, Burscough.

Brother of William Martland who served 32 Bn Royal Fusiliers kia 7.8.18

Born lived Burscough.

He lies in a ‘windswept’ spot with 59 other Kingsmen, the cemetery is very small and rightly called a ‘Battlefield Cemetery’ 

Commemorated on St Johns Church Memorial.

Parish magazine October 18 records the death of him and Pte Georgeson.

Martland Brothers, William left, James right.

Martland William Pte 66813 32nd Royal Fusiliers( City of London Regt) kia 7.8.18.

Formerly 364959 Kings Regt

Aged 20.

Has no grave on Menin Gate.

Son as above, Brother to James Martland above.

Both sons killed three weeks apart.

Born & lived Burscough.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Medal card.

Martland William Pte 260239. 11th Border Regt ( Lonsdale Bn) kia 17.4.18.

Aged 20.

Buried Gezaincourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme.

Son of William & Ellen Martland, Scarth Hill.

Born lathom, lived Ormskirk.

Not commeorated at St John The Baptist Church.

Grave photo. Photo in group. Medal card

Meadows William Pte 332084 9th Kings ( Liverpool) Regt kia 2.9.18.

Aged 31

Buried Bac de Sud, Bailleuval.

Son of George & Elizabeth Meadows, of Lathom.

Born & lived Lathom.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Grave photo. Medal card.

Newlands Harry Pte 11882 1st Kings( Liverpool) Regt. kia 19.5.15

Has no known grave on Le -Touret Memorial.

Son of  Mr & Mrs John Newlands, Square Lane, Burscough.

 Obituary. Biography. In Memoria.

Good account from a Pte Strange as to his death.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Ollerton Andrew. 37054  Pte 1st Manchester Regt kia 8.3.16.

Formerly 25256 Kings Regt.

Aged 37.

Has no known grave on Basra Memorial.

Son of Margaret Ollerton, 5 Victoria Street, Burscough.

Born Lathom, lived Burscough.

He landed in theatre 3rd March 1916 was killed five days later.

His brother James a was also killed the following year serving with the Cheshire Regt.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Parish magazine records he beuing wounded May 16.

Medal Card. In Memoria.

Ollerton James Pte 55587 22nd Cheshire Regt ( Labour Corps) dow 14.9.17.

Buried Dozinghem Military Cemetery,Poperinghe.

Aged 41.

Husband of Mary Ollerton 57 Square Lane, Lathom.

Mother Margaret Ollerton as above.

Commemorated on St John Parish Church Memorial.

Parish magazine records he was faithfull bible class member October 1917 we greatly mourn his loss.

Grave photo. Medal card. In memoria.

Orritt Henry Pte 245254 2nd Manchester Regt kia 11.7.17.

Buried Coxyde Military Cemetery.

Aged 29.

Formerly 405642 Kings Regt.

Born Lived Lathom.

Son of Henry & Mary Orritt of Scarth Hill.

Commemorated St John Parish Church Burscough.

Worked for Mr Culshaw at the Halton Castle then a pub and a farm.

Grave photo. In Memoria. Medal card.

Pardoe Thomas Pte 277005 1/7th Manchester Regt. kia 29.3.18.

Aged 24.

Buried Gommercourt Wood New British Cemetery.

Son of Thomas & Mary Pardoe 23 Junction Lane, Burscough.

Born Lived Burscough.

Commemorated at St Johns The Baptist Church.

Parish magazine ‘Eastertime’ 1918 reords his death.

Grave photo.Medal card. Family grave.

Parr Hector Pte 37187. 7th Essex Regt Died Home 8.3.1920.

Buried St John The Baptist Burscough.

Son of Hector & Margaret Parr , 18 New Lane, Burscough Bridge.

Not commemorated at St John The Baptist, but buried in churchyard.

Pedder Henry Pte 260253 11th Border Regt( Lonsdale Bn) kia 25.11.17.

Formerly 203923 Kings Regt

Has no known grave on Tyne Cot Memorial.

Son of Mrs Carrington (Ex Pedder) Canal Bank, New Lane, Burscough.

Born Burscough, lived Lathom

Commemorated on St John The Baptist

Parish magazine Feb 1918 cites Henry Pedder was killed in action 25th last. Same edition lists Ptes Fletcher & Bromley as POW’s  former was to die as POW in Nov 1918.

Memorial Photo. Medal card.

Place Walter Aston. Pte 57199. 6th Manchester Regt TF. kia 20.4 18.

Aged 19.

Buried Couin New British Cemetery

Son of Mrs Bold (ex Place) 5 Park Crescent, Wigan. & the late Walter Place of Burscough.

Born Southport, lived Burscough.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Parish magazine records his death June 18 edition.

Grave Photo. Medal card.

Porter Sidney Cpl 1432 5th Manchester Regt. Died 19.10.18.

Aged 28.

Buried Christ Church Newburgh.

son of sidney & Mary Elizabeth Porter 66 Liverpool Road, Burscough.

Lived at Mawdesley Cottage, Newburgh.

Commemorated on Newburgh  War Memorial.

Grave photo. Biography.

Prescott Thomas Gnr 66151  342 Siege Btty  Royal Garrison Artillery kia 29.11,17.

Agd 27.

Brother to Mr Porter of Lydiate.

Buried Steenkerke Belgian Cemetery, Veurne.

Born Lydiate, lived New Lane.

Not commemorated at St John The Baptist although the parish magazine recoded hi death in January 1918.He was a splendid gunner and was credited with shooting down a zepplin ove Essex in April 1916, for his action he was presented with specifically stuck medal by Sir Charkes Wakefield.

Prestwood Harold Cpl 13/785. 13th (Service) York & Lancaster Regt. kia 1.7.16.

Has no knowngrave on Thiepval Memorial.

Born Burscough, lived Barnsley.

Memorial photo. Medal card.

Not commeeorated St John The Baptist Church.

Pye Edward  Pte 25356 18th(Service) Lancashire Hussars Bn Kings( Liverpool) Regt Dow 8.11.18.

Born Burscough, lived Ormskirk.

Not commemorated St John The Baptist Church..

Grave photo. Medal card.

Buried Le Cateau Military Cemetery

 Rawlinson Henry Gnr 112798 Royal Garrison Artillery kia 12.9.17.

Buried Artillery Wood Cemetery, Boezinghe.

Born Square Lane, Latham, Lived Widnes.

Husband of J Rawlinson, of Haskayne by Downholland.

Not Commeorated on St Johns The Baptist.

Is commeorated on Halsall War Memorial.

Grave. Cencus & archive. Medal card

Reay William Roland. 2/Lt. 25th Bn Machine Gun Corps. kia 27.5.18.

Buried Jonchery sur Vesle, Marne.

Son of William Reay, Edingarth, Parbold.

Lived Parbold.

Commemorated on Newburgh, but not on St John The Baptist Memorial.

Named on Christ Church memorial Parbold.


Wigan Grammer School.

Grave photo, Wigan G S Memorial.

Was given a wonderfull obituary by his C O.

“he had the affininity & respect of his men who would follow him anywhere, such can only come from one who has served in the ranks himself”

Grave photo. Medal card

Riley John James. Pte 27151 8th (Service Bn) East Lancashire Regt.

Kia 31.5.17. Has no known grave Commemorated on Arras Memorial.

Husband of Ellen Webster (nee Riley) 14 Glovers Cottages, Ring O’ Bells, Lathom.

Son of Lawrence & Martha Ann Riley of Burnley.

Fell at Monchy le Preux in a night attack.

The East Lancs Service Battalions from Preston numbered 6 to 9 had the ‘local’ acclaim of being ‘Pals Battalions’ sadly this distinction has never been universally acknowledged in the military sense as with other such pals units say from Accrington, Liverpool, Leeds or Bradford.  The letters ‘P P’ as is worn on the shirts of Preston North End stands for ‘Proud Preston’ in recognition of the history of the club in the Football League, equally ‘Preston Pals’  This small town raised ‘more than its share’ for the army during the Great War given its size no town or city per head of population had a recruitment record to equal Preston’s. Of Infantry 10 Bns for the Loyal North Lancs, 4 for The East Lancashires, in addition to many men enlisting in many other Infantry and Corps units. Also addition to the 11th Hussars and two Lancashire  Yeomanry Regiments of Cavalry. A record with NO equal in the annals of recruitment for the British Army.

Rimmer John William Pte 201964 2/5th Manchester Regt kia 21.3.18.

Has no grave commemorated on Pozieres.

Born Westhead, lived Windle, nr St.Helens.

Memorial photo. Medal card

Roberts Reuben Capt   25th Division Army Ordnance Corps kia 7.7.16.

Aged 38.

Son of Reuben & Elizabeth Roberts, The Nook, Westminster Park, Chester.

Former regular officer based at the Depot Burscough,

Highly respected by all who knew him.

Mentioned in The Parish Magazine yet not commemorated on the church memorial.

Grave photo. Medal card.

Buried at Bouzincourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme.

Rockcliffe Henry Stoker 1st Class. Served on HMS Lion.

Lion was Admiral Beatties Flagship at Jutland.

Aged 18 at death, enlisted as a 13 year, was just 16 when wounded.  

Discharged 16th December 1917 as unfit for further service.

Son of Edward & Mary Rockcliffe, Mart Lane, Burscough.

Died 3rd December 1918, buried St John RC Churchyard Chapel Lane, Burscough.

‘Featured’ on the East Window the original Burscough War Memorial.

Please refer to our appropiate page.

Commemorated also St John The Baptist Church.

From the official history ‘The Battle Of Jutland’

………with main and secondary armament in action the German salvoes were being delivered about every twenty seconds, and our ships too were in a forest of waterspouts. It was one of the hottest moments of the action, when every nerve had to be strained to the utmost, and Admiral Beatty, having the enemy well abaft his beam, signalled to the 13th Flotilla that it seemed a good opportunity to attack. Five minutes later, while the fight still raged at its hottest, the Lion received a nearly fatal blow. A heavy shell struck Q-turret, entered the gun-house, burst over the left gun, and killed nearly the whole of the guns’ crews, and it was only the presence of mind and devotion of the officer of the turret, Major F. J. W. Harvey, R.M.L.I., when almost incapacitated with a mortal wound, that saved the flagship from sudden destruction.1

Footnote1 In spite of both his legs being shot off he was able to pass the word down to close the magazine doors and flood the magazines. He thus prevented the fire which started from reaching the ammunition, and so saved the ship, an action for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross after death.

For a concise account of the actions of HMS Lion  may i commend the best site available. ‘Lion Class Battle-Cruiser H.M.S Lion’

Robinson Richard Pte 64958 4th Kings (Liverpool) Regt died 7.11.18.

Buried Halle Communal Cemetery, Halle.

Died as POW.

Born Burscough, lived Ormskirk.

Commeorated St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Parish magazine June 18 reports he missing.

Medal card.

Roughley William M.M. Pte  17943 ‘C’ Coy 18th Bn( Lancashire Hussars)

The Kings (Liverpool Regt) Kia 18th October 1918.

Son of Joseph & Jessie Roughley of Westhead.

Born Westhead, lived Ormskirk.

Commemorated on St James Church Memorial.

Family grave. Grave Photo

Buried Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension, France

Rothwell Robert Gnr 161928. Royal Field Artillery kia 23.7.17

Aged 19.

Has no known grave commemorated on Menin Gate Ypres.

Son John & Elizabeth of Newburgh Lodge, Lathom Park, Lathom. 

Born Rhyl, lived Lathom.

Memorial photo. Medal card.

Rothwell Thomas Pte 42879 18th(Service) 

The Kings( Liverpool) Regt Kia 31.7.16.

Has no grave commemorated on Menin Gate Ypres.

Borrn Burscough, Lived Liverpool.

Medal card.

Russell J ( Jack) 3rd Royal Wesl Fusilers 98207

Died Burscough. 16th February 1919

Buried St John The Baptist Church. Commeorated there also.

Grave photo.

Seddon Harry Radcliffe  Pte 66842 32nd Royal Fusiliers ( City of London Regt)

Aged 19.

Dow 13.11.17.

Buried Dozinghem Military Cemetery.

Son of William & Elizabeth Seddon 31 Liverpool Road, Burscough.

Born lived Burscough.

Commeorated on St John The Baptist Church.

Parish magazine records his death edition December 1917.

” our sympathy to Mr & Mrs Seddon and family”

Medal card. Grave photo. Family grave. Obituary. In Memoria

Skirten William R. Pte 20622 6th (Service) Loyal North Lancashire Regt. dow 4.6.16.

Buried amara War Cemetery Iraq.

Brn Boddington Glos, Lived Parbold.

Son of Joseph & Sarah Skirten Uckington, Glos.

On Lathom War Memorial. 

Medal card.


Smith Robert Henry

Pte 40347 2/5th Lancashire Fusiliers Kia 20.11.17.

Has no known grave  commeorated on Thiepval Memorial.

Husband Margaret Smith, 1 Wigan Road, Ormskirk.

Son of Thomas & Hannah Smith.

Commemorated on St Joun The Baptist Church Memorial.

Parish magazine March 17 refers to a presentation form Bible class.

Same but later edition April 17 he has been killed .

Was bible class organist and choirman.

Photo of grave, Family grave. Medal card.

Smith John Radcliffe Cpl 92097 Died 16.12.17.

Aged 37.

Buried Deir El Belah, Israel.

Husband to Jane Smith Roslin 19 Liverpool Road, Burscough.

Commemorated on Lathom War Memorial, Hall Lane.

Grave photo. Medal card.

Smith John Robert Pte 332822 1/9th Kings ( Liverpool) Regt kia 31.7.17.

Has no known grave on Menin Gate, Ypres.

Memorial photo. Medal card.

Smith William Henry

L/Sjt 14806 12th (Service) Bn Kings( Liverpool) Regt.

Aged 23.

Buried Grove Town, Meaulte.

Son of Margaret & late William smith of School Lane, Burscough.

Grave photo. Photo. Obituary.

Spencer John Herman

Pte  337564 RAMC Kia 9.10.17. Aged 20.

Buried Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Poperhinghe.

Son of John & Mary A Spencer 122 Thornton Road, Bootle.

Born Burscough, lived Bootle.

Stazicker Richard Pte 267605 2/7th Kings (Liverpool) Regt 

 Kia  12.7.17.

Buried Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery, Armentieres.

Grave photo. Medal card.

Stillwell Albert Edmund

Pte 73472 2bn Royal Welsh Fusiliers Kia 10.3.18.

Aged 19.

Son of William & Florence Stillwell 59 Liverpool Road, Burscough Town.

Erquinghem Lys Churchyard Extension.

Commeorated on St John The Baptist church Memorial.

Grave photo.Medal card.

Stopforth William Pte 39026 2/5th East Lancashire Regt. Died 21.3.18.

Has no known grave on Pozieres memorial.

Born & lived Lathom.

Son of Thomas Stopforth, Lowry Hill Lane, Lathom.

His brother Tom also served in The Kings.

Memorial photo. Photo of brother. Medal card.

Parish magazine of June 17 cites him as missing along with Richard Robinson & James Aspinwall.

Stringfellow James Herbert 2/Lt RAF 2nd Air Supply Depot. died 22.7.18.

Aged 18.

Buried Huby St Leu British Cemetery.

Son of John & Nancy Stringfellow, School Lane, Burscough.

Choir member at St John The Baptist ex Ormskirk Grammer School.

Born & lived Burscough

Parish magazine Sept 18 records his death.

Photo. Grave photo. Obituary.

Stringman Thomas Tunstall. M M. Pte 53712. 15th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers kia 30.9.18.

Formerly 09964 Army Ordnance Corps

Has no known grave on Vis en Artois Memorial.

Born & lived Burscough.

Memorial photo. Medal Card.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

 Parish magazine November 1918 cites he being killed in action. He had been recomended for the Military Medal which had been approved prior to his death.


 Taylor John Pte 444 16th Australian Infantry A I F kia 28.4.15.

Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli.

Son of James Taylor Square Lane, Lathom.

Subject to an image on the East Window at St John The Baptist.

AIF Army records.

Please refer to appropiate page.

Tyrer Thomas L’Cpl 35221 2/5th Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regt dow 25.5.18.

Aged 32.

Pernes British Cemetery.

Adopted son of Mrs Doroty Wright Orrell Lane, Burscough.

Commeorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Served 3 years at the front.

 Obituary. In Memoria.

Twist Robert Gnr 106770 214 Seige Battery RGA kia 28.6.17.

Buried Vlamertinghe New Military Cemtery, Ypres.

Husband of Lily Johnson (formerly Twist) of 38 Daisy Lane, Lathom.

Used to Live in Meadow lane when married .

Parish Magazine  records the death August 1917 edition.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Vickers James Pte 332254 9th Kings (Liverpool) Regt kia 20.8.17.

Buried Erquinghem Churchyard Extension.

Lived Lord Street Burscough.

Born Lathom, Lived Burscough.

Parish Magazine of St John records the death in October 1917 edition.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Grave photo. In Memoria.

Wallbanks Robert Wilfred Gnr 201994 229th Anti Aircraft Sect RGA 

Died 23.3.18. Aged 22.

Buried Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension.

Son of Ellen & the Late Robert Wallbanks Of Hoscar Cross, Lathom.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Medal card.

Walker John Edward Pte 36710 10th(Service) The Loyal North Lancashire Regt. 

Dow 13.9.18.

Commemorated on Vis en Artois Memorial.

Son of Stanley walker, Rose Villas, Tarlesclough, nr Burscough.

Pre war worked at Tarlesclough Farm for his grandfather.

Photo. Medal Card. Service file. Obituary.

Subject of some contention as to how he died as he was known to be in a German hospital wounded, then his leg amputated. Yet he has no known grave !

It was he that became the focal point for local hisroiran Richard Houghton’s campaign to have the Burscough ‘missing men’ commemorated. Following his nephews claim that he was missing from said memorial in November 2003.

Please refer to ‘About Us’… then…’Historical News Archive’.

Walmsley Robert.

Believed to be driver for National Motor Volunteers.

Please refer to East Window page.

He was well known around Hoscar, Croston, Burscough.

No known serviceman can be attributed.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Parish magazine November 1918.

Watkinson William Gnr 5144 ‘A’ Batt, 74th Bde RFA dow 26.9.16.

Buried Bronfay Farm, Bray sur Somme.

Son of Mr & Mrs Watkinson, Victoria Street, Burscough.

Born Ormskirk, Lived Burscough.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Was a boatman on Leeds Liverpool canal, had served 13 months at front prior to his death. Parish magazine. September 1916 records his death.

Grave photo. photo & obituary

Weeks Bruce Pte 13481. 13th(Service) Kings( Liverpool) Regt kia 5.5.15.

Has no known grave commemorated on Arras Memorial.

Born lived Burscough.

Worked as gardener to F C Hill of Square Lane.

Credited with being the first ‘Kitchener’ recruit from Burscough.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Parish magazine of St John The Baptist, edition of September 1916 records his death.

Grave photo. obituary.

Wells Norman Lancaster. Lt 6th Loyal North Lancashire Regt.

Has no known grave commemorated on Helles Memorial, Gallipoli.

Son Charles & Ann Wells of Richmond House, Burscough.

St John The Baptist Parish church magazine Sept 1915 records the death of Lt Wells.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Memorial Photo. Photo. Obituary. Family grave St Johns. Medal card.

Wells William Pte 332200. 9th Kings ( Liverpool) Regt kia 19.7.17.

Buried St Peters Mawdesley.

Son John & Ellen Wells Wanes Blades Bridge, nr Hoscar, lathom.

Grave photo. Medal card. In Memoria.

Westhead John. TS 9034 Farrier S/ Sjt 39th Div Army Service Corps. kia  21.10.16.


Buried Bouzincourt Communal Cemetery Somme.

Husband of Eliza Westhead of Briars Lane, Lathom.

Born Lived Lathom.

Photo. Grave photo. Obituary. Biography.

Parish magazine  June 17 records his death.

Former Newburgh blacksmith, went to the Remount Depot at Lathom Park for work from were he enlisted into the army.

Weston William Edward Battery Sjt Major (WO11).25712 died Maryhilll Barracks Glasgow.

Aged 52.

Buried St Johns Parish Churchyard Burscough.

His only permitted Great War entitlement.

Husband of Edith Maud Weston, 62 Chapel Street, Ormskirk.

Served Punjab frontier  1897-1898.

Grave photo.

Given a military funeral at St Johns Church

Commemorated on St Johns Parish Church Memorial.

Whelan Thomas Pte 27768 1st Kings (Liverpool) Regt kia 16.8.16.

Has no grave commemorated  on Thiepval Memorial

Aged 19.

Son of Bernard & Mary Whelan of 134 A Burscough Town.

Born Lived Burscough.

Memorial photo. Photo. Medal card. Family photo archive.

His brothers Bernard & James both served.

Commemorated on Burscough St Johns Parish Church Memorial.

Whiteside John Pte 330471 1/9th Kings( Liverpool) Regt. kia 25.9.16.

Has no known grave on Thiepval Memorial.

Born Blackburn, lived Lathom.

Commemorated on St John Memorial Burscough.

Williamson John Pte 1384. 1/5th East Lancashire Regt kia 5.6.15.

Ha sno known grave on Helles Memorial.

Born Burscough, lived Burnley.

Not commemorated on St John The Baptist.

Yates Thomas 267683 ‘B’ Coy 2/7th Kings (Liverpool) Regt kia 16.7.17.

Aged 21

Buried Estaires Communal Cemetery Extension.

Son of Henry & Jane Yates Martin Lane, Burscough.

Born & lived Burscough.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.