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HMS Ringtail 

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Copy of original plan of HMS Ringtail 

Land Requisition maps 1943

Shaded areas show land for HMS Ringtail 

Camp 1 maps

Camp 3 Maps

Edge Farm Dispersal

Pippin Street dispersal

Plan of Pippin Street Dispersal area

Aerial Photo of Pippin Street Dispersal 1945

Plan of Explosives area of HMS Ringtail

Plan of Edge Farm Dispersal area

Aerial View of Edge Farm Dispersal 1945 

Map showing MV electrical system workshop area camp 1

HMS Ringtail 1943

Images showing camp 2 with building details inserted

A selection of documents relating to the commissioning of HMS Ringtail

Service Records of Frank Salkeld ( Aircraft Engineer) 

He was Stationed at HMS Ringatil 16th April 1945

With Kind permission of G Salkeld 

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Picture of Frank ( far left . white hat ) at Ringtail 

Service Record




Service record of Wren Margaret Parker Radio Mechanic 

was stationed at Ringtail September 1945


History of the Wrens