Artefacts and memorabilia

Below are pictures of items relating to HMS Ringtails historic past 

Any other pictures of Artefacts would be very much appreciated , please e mail them to, or go to the contact us section on the home page for the address and contact details of the secretary. Thank You 

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Aircraft instrument found in dump near air station

Silver dish inscribed 

Inscription on underside of the above dish

Cover of Runway light 

Type C5 Crossbar lamp cover

Runway  lamp and fitting from above

Type Drem Mk2 Runway light . Contains coloured filter – reflector – 15 watt bulb and glass fitting


Ian Darby  ( Pilot) 1772 squadron log book 

Programme used at Monument Dedication October 2004

Invitation to Dedication of HMS Ringtail Monument

Souvenir of Monument Dedication 

shoulder badge that belonged to Leading Air Mechanic (Engines)

John Quilliam

He Served at HMS Ringtail after the station closed to flying operations in 1946

The station  was retained by the Royal Navy as an Engine Holding unit until 1957.