Control Tower and Logbook

The Control Tower at HMS Ringatil was built as a standard 3 storey building as was the standard Fleet Air Arm Style unlike the 2 storey RAF Type. 

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There was a campaign in 2000 to have the control tower saved from demolition. It was thought that the tower had a building preservation order on it, however when the then government department was contacted about this we were told that any records of this had been lost. The Department for the Environment also stated that they did not think that the tower would warrant a preservation order because it was not unique and that no major historical events had taken place at Ringtail During its operational years. 

What they were really telling us is that if the Dam Busters or Douglas Bader had been based at Ringtail then the tower would be listed on a preservation order. Also at the time Ringtail tower was only one of three Fleet Air Arm types in the country

It just shows you how  narrow minded these people are in ignoring the wishes and knowledge of historically minded local people.

Fleet Air Arm Staff working in Control Tower first floor 

Inside Control Tower first floor


looking out of control tower 2nd (top floor) 

Control Tower 1943

It  is thought that at a later date the control tower was altered for some reason

Control Tower 1976


Control Tower 1991

Tower 1991


Control Tower was sadly demolished 2004 after a campaign to save it

Some Pictures from inside the derelict Tower early 1990s

Below is a list of aircraft that were recorded in  the control tower log book a copy of which is available to purchase from the Society – scroll down for more details 

Some pages from the Control Tower  log Book  1945 -1946

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