Lathom & Burscough. Names A to K.

The sons of your children may ask of there fathers,

What mean these stones ?

Then ye shall let your children know by replying.

“They who are named here, died that we might live”

Photo Dawson

The men listed below are those inscribed on the above memorial in 1922 & 1947 inclusive of the forty six names that have been added since 2004. In that year thirty eight men were added following research undertaken by local military historian Richard Houghton, with an additional seven added in 2008, plus one in 2011.



Please refer to our Heritage News Archive Page (Headed About Us) for details that led up to the adding of 38 missing men in 2004.



The information shown is gathered from sources such as Commonwealth War Graves; Soldiers Died in The Great War; News publications; Parish magazine; with corroborated archive from relatives. This roll of honour is believed to be correct, is so published in good faith. Any transgressions are regreted. Any corrective information is always welcome, with supporting evidence, then alterations would always be made.

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Grave photo; Obitiuary; Biography, Photo; Medal Card.

Archive material depicted in legend above, that is shown against individuals named below, is available on application to the secretary either via the contact form or


Forget us not, O land for which we fell,

May it go well with England, still go well.

Keep bright her banners without blot nor stain,

Lest we should dream that we have died in vain.


First surname letters starting A to K.

 The Roll of Honour.

Abram Robert. 17737. Pte. 1/5th Shropshire Light Inf. kia 15.12.15.

Buried Potjze Chateau Cemetery, nr Ypres.

Commemorated also on Newburgh War Memorial.

Grave. Medal Card.

Allen John F. 30587. Gnr. 7th Res Bty Royal Field Artillery. Died 30.10.16.

Buried St John The Baptist Churchyard.

Commemorated St john The Baptist Church, Burscough.


Alty Daniel. 2/Lt. 9th Kings Regt, attd 2nd South Staffs.

Kia 9.8.18, no grave on Vis en Artois Memorial.

Alty Dan

Aged 31.

Brother to Henry & Thomas who also fell.

Second son Daniel & Catherine Alty 45 Wigan Road, Westhead.

Husband of Maria Jane Alty 33 Wigan Road, Westhead.

Memorial photo. Family grave photo. Obit. Medal Card.

Worked for Henry Tyrer shipping broker in Liverpool

Commemorated also at St James Church, Westhead.

Alty Henry. DCM. 2/Lt 9th Kings Regt kia 30.9.18.

Aged 27.

His DCM was granted 1st August 1918 in addition to a battlefield commission for his gallantry.

Alty etc

St James School Westhead & Ormskirk Grammer School.

A very good sprinter & footballer.

It is documented that in view of his two brothers having been killed, his parents applied for his release from overseas service, much to his disapproval, this was granted, received by his parents on the very day he was killed.

Worked for Henry Tyrer Shipping Broker in Liverpool

Brother to Daniel & Thomas who also fell.

Buried Anneaux British Cemetery, Nr Cambrai.

Youngest son of Daniel & Catherine Alty 45 Wigan Road, Westhead.

Grave photo. Family grave photo. Biography. Obituary. Medal card.

DCM archive as to how won.

Commemorated also at St James Church, Westhead.


Original grave marker for Lt Henry Alty D.C.M

Alty Thomas. 95653. Pte Tank Corps kia 23.11.17.

Aged 32.

No Grave on Cambrai Memorial, Louveral, nr Cambrai.

Alty etc - Copy (2)

Eldest brother to Daniel & Henry named above.

Son of Daniel & Catherine Alty, 45 Wigan Road, Westhead.

Husband of Lilian Jane Alty, 142 Sussex Road, Southport.

Pre war worked for John Ball & Co, Foundrymen was employed as a salesman.

Held in high esteem by all had on child a daughter.

Memorial Photo. Obituary. Family Grave. Medal Card.

Commemorted also at St James Church, Westhead.

Alty Thomas. 109696 A/Cpl 11th Bn Tank Corps. kia 20.8.18.

Formerly 21341 RFA.

Had served over two years at the front when killed.

Buried Windmill British Cemetery, Monchy le Preux.

Son of Henry & Elizabeth Alty, Priorswood Farm, Dalton.

Commemorated on Newburgh War Memorial & Dalton Church Memorial.

Grave Photo. Obituary. Medal Card.

Andrews. Sidney Mottram. Captain Army. Ordnance Corps. Died 8.10.18.

Aged 34. Buried Ste Marie Cemetery, Le Harve.

Son of Sidney George David Andrews of Amesbury, Wilts & the late Ella Andrews.

Husband of Mabel Andrews, 44 wellington Road, Charlton, London.

Lived in Junction Lane, Burscough attd to the AOC Depot.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church.

Medal card.

Please refer to section on The East Window.

Arnold James. 51893. Pte 17th Kings Regt (1st City Pals) kia 27.11.16.

Aged 37 a farm worker, had served over 12 months in France.

Son Thomas & Mary Arnold, 132A Burscough Town.

Buried Berles au Bois, Churchyard Extension.

Commemorated at St John The Baptist Church.

St John Parsih Magazine cites James Arnold was killed recently in France attd to the Pals Bn of the Liverpool Regt, we have now lost 10 of our boys of the 309 now serving.

Youngest of four sons with 4 younger sisters.

Arnold James

Grave photo, Obituary. Biography. In Memoria. Medal Card.

Ashcroft Henry. 56662 Pte 20th Kings Regt ( 4th City Pals) kia 31.7.17.  Aged 19.

Has no grave named on Menin Gate, Ypres.

Lamb Halton Ashy - Copy

Worked with his father as a boatman, been in France five weeks when killed.

Photo Obituary, In Memoria. Medal Card.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Burscough.

Parish Magazine of St John cites Oct 1917 the death last August of Henry Ashcroft.

Henry also had a brother who served James who was to mary Ellen Langton who’s  late husband Robert was killed in 1917 serving with The Border Regt

Ashcroft William. 49626. Pte 1st Bn Kings Regt. kia 29.4.18.

Ashcroft Wm

Aged 26. Former boatman Leeds-Liverpool Canal.

Buried Cabaret Rouge Cemetery, Souchez.

Son James & Mary Ashcroft, 6 Stanley Street, Burscough Bridge.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church Burscough

Grave photo. Photo & Obituary. In Memoria. Medal card.

Ashcroft William.

359411. Pte 10th Kings Regt (Liverpool Scottish) T F.

Kia 21.9.17.  Aged 26.

Acting as a stretcher bearer when he fell.

Worked for Leeds-Liverpool Canal Co.

Son od Thomas & Ann Ashcroft, 14 Mart Lane, Burscough Bridge.

No Grave on Tyne Cot Memorial.

Ashcroft Wm Scots

Memorial photo & obituar. In Memoria. Medal card.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Burscough.

Ashton Robert. K 16724 Stoker 1st class. H M S Amphion. kia 6.8.14.

Aged 21.

Son Thomas & Anne ashton of Burscough.

Photo & Obituary no grave on Plymouth Memorial.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Burscough.

The first Burscough man, if not the first from any local district to die in the war. Robert Ashton a native of Burscough, a baker by trade working for Mr Young of Duke Street, Southport.

new ashton

The account of the action’s preceding is death.

In the afternoon of 5 August 1914, Amphion and the 3rd Flotilla were carrying out a pre-arranged plan of search when they were informed by a trawler that she had seen a suspicious ship ‘throwing things overboard’. The trawler gave an indicated position, and Amphion led the flotilla to investigate. Shortly afterwards, the 2,150 long tons (2,180 t) minelayer SMS Königin Luise[4] was sighted steering east. Königin Luise was a former HamburgHolland holiday ferry that had been converted to an auxiliary minelayer by the Germans. On the night of 4 August, she had departed Emden and headed into the North Sea to lay mines off the Thames Estuary. Königin Luise was disguised in the black, buff, and yellow colours of the steamers of the Great Eastern Railway, that plied from Harwich to the Hook of Holland. Her attempt to flee from the approaching fleet aroused suspicions and four destroyers gave chase, including Lance and Landrail. In about an hour’s time, Königin Luise was chased down and sunk, with 46 survivors from the crew of 100.

Amphion picked up a number of the survivors and continued on her prearranged search. The destroyers now sighted another ship of the same shape and colour as the Königin Luise, flying a large German flag. The destroyers began to attack this ship, whilst Amphion recognised her as the St. Petersburg which was carrying the German Ambassador back to Germany from England. Amphion signalled the destroyers to cease fire but either unaware of the signal or caught up in the heat of the moment, they continued to fire upon the ship. Amphion then maneuvered between the destroyers and the St. Petersburg to deliberately foul the range, and the St. Petersburg proceeded to safety.

Amphion continued with the search without further incident until 03:30 of 6 August, when she began the return course to Harwich. Unfortunately the allocated course ran very close to where Königin Luise had laid her mines. At 06:30, Amphion struck a mine that had been previously laid by Königin Luise. A sheet of flame enveloped the bridge which incapacitated her captain. Except for one man, all the forecastle gun crews were killed and many of the bridge occupants were badly burnt. As the hands were at breakfast, many were killed or suffocated in the forward messdecks. As soon as he recovered consciousness, the captain ran to the engine room to stop the engines, which were still going at revolutions for 20 knots (23 mph; 37 km/h). As all the forepart was on fire, it proved impossible to reach the bridge or to flood the fore magazine. The ship’s back appeared to be broken and she was already settling by the bows.

The escorting destroyers closed in and took off Amphion‘s crew and the few rescued German survivors. Though her engines were stopped, her momentum carried her back into the minefield and at 07:03, just three minutes after the last boatload of survivors were taken off, she again struck the same row of mines. The fore magazine exploded, with debris striking the rescue boats and destroyers. One of Amphion‘s shells burst on the deck of Lark, killing two of Amphion‘s men and a German prisoner rescued from the cruiser. Amphion then rapidly sank within 15 minutes of the explosion.

Around 150 British sailors were killed in the sinking, as well as 18 of the crew rescued from Königin Luise.

Ashton William. Pte 202704 1/4th Loyal North Lancashire Regt. dow 20.4.17.

Aged 19.

Buried Lljssenthoek Military Cemetery, Poperinghe, Nr Ypres.

Son of John & Elizabeth Ashton 87A Railway Cottages, Moss Lane, Burscough Bridge.

Grave. Photo & obituary. Medal card

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church Burscough.

Parish magazine of St John records the death of William in the June 1917 issue.

Aspinall John Pardoe. 161116. Gnr. ‘A’ Bty 153 Brigade, RFA. kia 18.9.17.

Buried Hermies Hill British Cemetery.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church Burscough.

Grave photo. Medal card.

The Ormskirk Advertiser recalls rhe death of a young soldier.

“How a Burscough lad laid down his life, the above and his brother George were both callled up, John being in a reserved occupation was exempt, George was not, so the latter had to go. However George was of ‘sickly disposition’ his brother John appealed the decision tto take him instead, the army agreed, John died for King & Country”

The parish Magazine picked up the thread calling it a ” Noble example” “Greater love hath no man, than to lay down his life for his brother”

Aspinall James. 83565 Pte 59th Bn Machine Gun Corps ( Infantry) kia 21.3.18.

Aged 23. Formerly 7687 Kings Regt

Has no grave on The Arras Memorial.

Son Of Annie Aspinall 2 Mart Lane, Burscough Bridge.

Commemorated St John Parish Church Burscough.

Parish magazine of St John June 1918 cites above ‘missing’ the same report lists William Stopforth & Richard Robinson as ‘missing’ both of whom were to confirmed dead. In January 1919 confusion remained as to whereabouts of James Aspinall as said magazine had him as ‘missing’ this only serves the to highlight the utter confusion that sourrounded many of the soldiers of the war.

Memorial photo. Medal card.

Photo Dawson

Baldwin Abel. 109325. Pte 4th Kings( Liverpool) Regt kia 23.10.18.

Buried Montay – Neuvilly Road Cemetery, Montay.

Aged 21.

His brother Thomas winner of the DCM also fell Oct 3rd 918.

Son of Abel & Mary Baldwin of Burscough.

Family grave. Military grave photo. Medal card.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church Burscough.

Baldwin Abel. TF/ 266688 Pte 20th Middlesex Regt kia 24.11.17.

Has no grave commemorated on Cambrai Memorial.

Born Forest Gate, Essex, Lived Burscough.

Commemorated St John Parish Church burscough.

Memorial Photo, medal card.

Baldwin Thomas. DCM. 57929. Sjt Machine Gun Corps kia18.10.17.

Aged 29. Formerly 41587 Kings (Liverpool) Regt.

Enlisted at outbreak of war and had seen much front line service.

Buried Proville British Cemetery.

Son of Abel & Mary Baldwin of Musker Lane, Burscough.

Grave photo. Family Grave photo. Biography. Obituary. Medal card.

DCM citation and appropiate news archive.

Commemorated at St John The Baptist Church, Burscough.

Baldwin William Henry. 29017 Pte. 4th Kings (Liverpool) Regt kia 28.8.16.

Aged 24.

Son of Abel & Elizabeth Baldwin of Mart Lane, Burscough.

A Lewis Gunner who had been in France 12 months at time of death.

Photo of memorial,Obituary. Photograph. In Memoria. Medal card.

Commemorated at St John The Baptist Church, Burscough.

Baldwin W H edited

Parish Magazine reports William Baldwin Killed in action in France June 1916.

Commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial.

Barrow Albert. 2737. Pte 1/9th Kings ( Liverpool) Regt. T F. dow 30.7.15.

Aged 29.

Buried Bethune Town Cemetery, Bethune.

Son John & Ruth Barrow of Newburgh.

Former member of Parbold Prize Band, a boat builder by trade.

Barrow Albert

 Grave photo. Obituary. Medal card.

Commemorated Newburgh War Memorial.

Bimson John. 5848 1/8th Kings (Liverpool) Regt Liverpool Irish. TF. kia 17.12.17.

Buried Vlamertinghe MIlitary Cemetery, Ypres.

Born in Skelmersdale, Lived Lathom.

Eldest son James & Ellen Bimson of Lathom.

Commemorated on St James Church Memorial, Westhead.

Lathom War Memorial Hall Lane.

Grave photo & obituary. Medal card.

Birchall John. 5488. Pte 2/7th Warwickshire Regt. kia 19.7.16.

Aged 26.

Formerly 2274 Kings (Liverpool) Regt. TF

Pre war ‘terrier’ with the Kings Regt, mobilised on outbreak of war.

Was part of large draft of ‘Kingsmen’ transffered to the Warwicks.

Son of Hannah Birchall of 37 Wigan Road, Westhead.

Worked for Lord Lathom at Lathom Park

Buried Laventie Military Cemetery, La Gorgue.

Birchall John warwikcsPhoto of Grave. Obituaries. In Memoria. Medal card.

Commemorated on St James War Memorial, Westhead.

Birchall Richard. 53771 L’Cpl 1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers kia 14.5.17.

Formerley 15/36690 Kings (Liverpool) Regt.

Has no grave commemorated on The Arras Memorial.

Skelmersdale Memorial.

Memorial photo. Medal card.

Son of the late James & Mary Birchall of Lathom.

Bond Edward. 26514. L’Cpl 4thBn Grenadier Guards. dow 26.12.17.

Buried St Sever Military Cemetery, Rouen.

Former fast bowler for Newburgh Cricket Club.

Leaves behind wife and child, was employed by Sumper & Leivesley of Ormskirk.


Obituary & Grave Photo. In Memoria. Medal card.

Commemorated on Newburgh War Memorial.

Boulton William Henry. CH/3232 Marine. Royal Marines died September 1918.
Buried St John The Baptist Churchyard, Burscough.
Commemorated at St John’s Church.
Not recognised as casualty of war by CWWG.
See letter to Richard Houghton below ex MOD 2007.

A reservist Marine part of the famous R M Bde that on 2nd October 1914 landed at Dunkirk enroute Antwerp to defend said city against Germany.
Entitled to 1914 star and bar

20th November 1914 returned to ship duty HMS Hazel

Later serving on HMS Mars and at Chatham R M Brigade.

Being discharged from
service 20th Feb 1918. He died of cancer later that year.

On the 6th June 1920 his widow gained a war gratuity £ 21.10.0 little
compensation for denial of CWWG recognition

Boyes Thomas. 67535 Pte. 4th Cheshire Regt dow14.10.18.

Aged 19.

Previously wounded May of 1918, having been at the front since Easter of that year.

Buried Ljissenthoek Military Cemetery, Poperinghe.

Son Henry & Deborah Boyes, Hampstead Cottage, New Lane, Burscough.

Commeorated at St John The Baptist Burscough.

Grave Photo. Obituary. In memoria. Medal card.

Bradley Robert. 332214. Pte. 9th Bn Kings( Liverpool) Regt dow 6.10.18.

Buried Grevillers British Cemetery.

Born in Burscough, lived in Skelmersdale.

Son Mr & Mrs Bradley 33 Whittam Road, Skelmersdale.

Not commemorated at St John The Baptist.

Grave photo. Medal card.

Bradshaw James. 266867. Pte 10th(Service)Bn Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Dow 16.6.17.

Formerley 38846 Kings (Liverpool) Regt

Aged 20.


Buried Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun.

Son of Mary Jane Bradshaw 67 Wigan Road, Westhead.

Commemorated at St James Church Westhead.

Grave Photo. Medal card

Bridge Harold. 200279. Pte 1/4th Bn Loyal North Lancashire. T F. kia 8.8.1916.

Has no grave commemorated on Thiepval Memorial, Somme.

Born Burscough, enlisted & Lived Chorley.

Son of John & Mary Bridge 52 Clifford St, Chorley.

Worked at Birkmere Colliery.

Bridge Harold

His brother Thomas was killed in 1915 with same Regiment’s 1st Bn.

 Memorial Photo. Obituary. Medal card.

Bridge Thomas. 18690 Pte. ‘B’ Coy 1stBn Loyal North Lancashire kia 28.3.15.

Buried Rue-Des-Berceaux Military Cemetery, Richebourg-L’Avoue.

Aged 30. Married man. Served 18 months as soldier enlisting pre war.

Born Burscough, Lived Chorley.

Bridge etc B's Burscough men

Son of Mr & Mrs Bridge 52 Clifford Street, Chorley.

Grave Photo, Obituary, Biography.

Photo Dawson.

Capp Frederick, 145747 Pte 36thBn Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) dow 5.10.18.

Formerly 17677 Royal Sussex Regt.


Son of Charles & Edith Capp, of Blythe Cottage, Lathom, Ormskirk.

He enlisted in 1917 aged 18, prior to war he worked for

Mr Rothwell The Cranes Lathom.

Commemorated St John The Baptist, Burscough.

Photograph, Obituary, Grave Photo. Medal card.

He is buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Poperinge, Belgium

Caunce John 352085 2/9th Kings (Liverpool) Regt kia 12.5.17.

Buried Erquinghem Lys Churchyard Extension.

Son of Richard & the late Susan Caunce of Fish Lane, Burscough.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church Burscough.

Pre war he worked for Lord Derby at Home Farm, Burscough.

He had served only 11 weeks in France. St John parish magazine qouted him as killed in action in the August issue.


His cousin Wilfred son of Henry Caunce was seriously wounded but survived. Wilfred’s brother Edward was also in France. 

 Grave Photo. Obituary. In Memoria. Biography. Medal card.

Chadwick Henry 25958. Pte 2nd Bn Lancashire Fusiliers kia 3.5.17.

Formerly 118452 RFA aged 28.

Has no grave commemorated on Arras Memorial.

Husband of Mary Chadwick, 39 Orrrell Lane, Burscough.

St John Parish magazine qouted him as being killed in action.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Memorial photo. Medal card.

Chadwick William. M. M. 39158 Pte 19thBn Cheshire Regt (Labour Corps)

Buried Crouy-Sur-Somme

Died 26.7.18. Formerly 37018 Kings (Liverpool) Regt.

St John Parish magazine qouted him as killed in action in the August issue.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church.

He was notified of his Military Medal just 7 weeks prior to his death.

Grave Photo. Medal card.

Chidgey Frederick Pte 54396 19th Lancashire Fusiliers kia 2.11.18.

Aged 19, Buried Orrs British Cemetery,Orrs.

Son John & Margaret Chidgey, Hall Lane, Lathom.

Commemorated Lathom War Memorial Hall Lane.

 Grave Photo, Medal card.


Chidgey fell in what was to become one of the ‘iconic’ scene’s of gallantry of the Great War. The Crossing of the Sambre Canal at Orrs on the 2/3rd November 1918 in the closing stages of the war, when no less than four Victoria Crosses were won at the ‘point’ of crossing of the 15th & 16th Lancashire Fusiliers, 2 for the Fusiliers with 2 for the Royal Engineers bridging the canal under fire.

This action also claimed the life of Lt Wilfred Owen of 2nd Manchesters.

Collins Leonard James. 487466 Cpl 1st Canadian Infantry Bn ( Western Ontario Regt) dow 16.8.17. attd 1st CEF Divisional HQ.

Buried Noeux Les Mines Communal Cemetery.

Son of Thomas & Mary Ellen Collins 69 Orrell Lane, Burscough.

Commemorated St John The Baptist Church Burscough.

Grave photo. Canadian Archives.

Culshaw Henry. 268945 Pte 1/8thBn Kings(Liverpool) Regt Irish Bn. kia 31.7.17.

Aged 20.

Has no grave on Menin Gate, Ypres.

Born lived Burscough.

Son of Hugh & Elizabeth Cushaw, 207 Liverpool Road, Burscough.

Commemorated St John the Baptist Church, family grave in churchyard.

St John parish magazines July 18 cites him as missing & September confirms killed.

November 2011. Photo Dawson.

Derbyshire Percy. Apprentice S.S. Delamere ( Manchester) Merchantile Marine.

No grave commemorated on Tower Hill Memorial, London.

Eldest son of Amy Chadwick, 1 Square Lane, Lathom.

Percy had signed up 14 weeks previously for a four year apprenticship, the ‘Delamere’ was owned by The Bradford Steamship Company and was returning home from East Africa, two days from home she was torpedoed with loss of ten lives.

The youngest man (boy) to lay down his life in service of his country from the district, if not from Lancashire. death reported in the Parish Magazine of June 17.

If one reflects on the iconic image of Cornwell VC on the East Window, it is again testimony to the excellant research undertaken to create window, when you view this young mans sacrifice.

Biography. Obituary. In Memoria.

Commemorated Burscough St John Church.

SS Delamere, built by Sunderland S B. Co., Ltd., Sunderland in 1915 and owned at the time of her loss by Bromport SS. Co., Ltd. (H. R. Greenhalgh), Manchester, was a British steamer of 1525 tons. On April 30th, 1917, SS Delamere, on a voyage from Matadi to Liverpool, with general cargo, was sunk by the German submarine U-70 (Otto Wünsche), 110 miles WxN of Fastnet. 10 persons were killed.

Dickinson Joseph. 239072 Sapper 10th Light Railway Coy Royal Engineers.

Died 22.5.18. Formerly Pte R/5775 KRRC.

Buried Longuenesse ( St Omer) Souvenier Cemetery.

Not commemorated at St John the Baptist.

Sapper Dickinson shares a grave with Sjt Johnson QO Yorkshire Dragoons.

Grave photo Medal card.

Dixon Thomas 58476 Pte The Kings( Liverpool )Regt. Died 24.2.19

Buried St James Church Westhead.

Son of William & Elizabeth Dixon.

Husband to Jane Sarah dixon 93 Wigan Road, Westhead.

Served in France.

Grave photo, Death certificate.

Dobson John James. 22675 Pte 20th Bn Kings( Liverpool )Regt 4th City Pals.

Aged 20.

Kia 11.7.16. Has no grave on Thiepval Memorial.

Born & lived Bootle, Lancashire.

Son of Thomas & Edith Dobson of Canal St, Bootle.

Ormskirk Advertiser August 1917 has an obituary to Pte Dobson refering to his father being of Burscough origin, indeed both mother and father are buried at St Johns. He is also commemorated on the family graveDobson J J

Memorial photo, Family grave. Obituary & photo. Medal Card.

Not comemorated on St John The Baptist.

Dutton Henry Pte G22101 7th (Service) Bn The Queens Regt ( Royal West Surrey)

Formerly served in The Lancers before deployment to France.

Aged 24. Buried Queens Cemetery, Buqouy.

Son of Thomas Dutton of Red Cat Lane.

Pre war worked for Martlands of Burscough

 Grave photo, Obituary.

St John parish magazine May 17 cites him as being killed in March last.

Commemorated at St John The Baptist, Burscough.

Dutton Henry. 18153 Pte 2ndBn Kings (Own Royal Lancaster Regt)

Formerly 5804 Border Regt.

Born Lathom, enlisted Darwen this is his likely residence.

Not commemorated at St John The Baptist.

Dutton William. 201303 Pte 17thBn Kings (Liverpool) Regt kia 31.7.17.

Has no grave on Menin Gate

 Has no grave on Menin Gate, Ypres.

Born Skelmersdale, Lived Lathom.

Not comemorated on St John The Baptist Church.


Egan John. 42265 Pte 13thBn Kings (Liverpool) Regt.

Kia 21.8.18. Has no grave on Vis En Artois Memorial.

Son of the late Martin & Kate Egan.

Memorial photo, Medal card.

Commemorated Lathom Memorial Hall Lane.

Not commemorated at St John The Baptist Church.

Photo Dawson

Farrington William. 2353. L/Sjt ‘C’ Coy 1/9th Kings(Liverpool)Regt. kia 8.10.15.

No grave on Loos Memorial. Aged 31.

Son of Mrs Hankin The Almshouses, Lathom Park.

Born Lived Lathom.

Memorial Photo. Medal card.

Fitzpatrick John. 3635 Pte. 1st Kings Dragoon Guards. kia 1.6.15.

Has no grave on Menin Gate, Ypres.

Son of the late Bernard & Annie Fitzpatrick of Mere View, Liverpool Road, Burscough.

Born Rock Ferry, lived Wigan.

Fitzpatrick John


‘Mere View’ are the three story houses on Liverpool Road.

Not commemorted on St John The Baptist Church.

 Obituary. Memorial Photo.

Fletcher Thomas Pte 5th Royal Warwickshire Regt. Died POW.

Age 31.

Born & lived Lathom.

Son of Hebry & Sarah Fletcher of Glovers Bridge, Lathom.

Husband of Ada Lily Fletcher of Glovers Bridge

Second son of the above his younger brother William fell serving with the Kings Regt.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Thomas was a prisoner of war, who died 1st November 1918 in Berlin, he is buried at Berlin South Western Cemetery, Brandenburg, Germany

Fletcher William 49397 Cpl 4thBn Kings (Liverpool) Regt kia 3.2.17.

Buried Peronne Communal Cemetery.

Born & lived Lathom.

Son Henry & Sarah Fletcher of Glovers Bridge, Lathom.

Was the fourth son, his brother Thomas (second son) serving in the 5th Warwickshire Regt, died as a POW.

Pre war worked for Lord Derby since he was 14. He then went work for Lord Lathom and it was he that encouraged his territorial interest.

He served for 8 years with the 9th Kings Regt.

He was also a staunch member of the St John Bible class.

The parish magazine of April 1917 cited him as killed.

Commemorated on St John the Baptist Church.

Grave photo, Obituary. Photograph. Biography.

Forshaw John. 30933 Pte 13thBn Kings (Liverpool) Regt kia 15.9.18.

Has no grave commemorated on Vis en Artois Memorial.

Son of Mr & Mrs Forshaw, Frog Lane, Hoscar,nr Lathom.

Advertiser rpt former AOC serviceman of the Ordnance Depot goes on to say he was wounded and lay out in a forward tench for three days before being found by the Germans, then taken POW had his leg amputated whilst in hospital subsequently dying of wounds. However he has no grave although dying in hopsital !

Commemorated at St Johns during a church service as ‘missing’ in October 1918.

In January 1919 edition he was still posted as missing.

Photo. Obituary, Biography, Memorial Photo. In Memoria.

Despite all the reports in the Parsih magazine he is not commeorated at

St John The Baptist Church.

Fraser Frederick 4th Kings ( Liverpool) Regt.

Buried Cambrin Military Cemetery.

Son of Mrs Fraser of Square Lane Burscough.

& the late Sjt Maj Fraser Yorkshire Regt.

Born Belfast, Lived Manchester.

His brother, Thomas Francis also fell serving at Gallipoli in August 1915.

St John The Baptist Parish magazine May 1916 cites that Mrs Fraser above has lost her two sons.

Grave photo, Medal card.

Not Commemorated on St John The Baptist Memorial.

Fraser Thomas Francis Capt. West Yorkshire Regt. kia 7-11th August 1915.

Aged 40.

Has no grave commemorated on Helles Memorial Gallipoli.

Son of Mrs Fraser Square Lane, Lathom.

& the late Sjt Maj Fraser of the Yorkshire Regt.

His brother Frederick was killed also in March 1916.

See ref to both deaths in above memoria.

Not Commemorated at St John The Baptist Church.

Photo Dawson.

Gabbitas Thomas 7813 Pte 1st Kings Own Royal Lancaster. kia 9.4.17.

Reservist called up outbreak of war. Wounded twice.

Employed at White Moss Colliery, Skelmersale.

Born in Ormskirk

Has no grave commemorated on Arras Memorial.

Son of Thomas & Margaret Gabbitas of Burscough Bridge formerly Ruff Lane.

He is commemorated upon his parents grave at st John The Baptist Churchyard.

Leaves a wife and two children lived at 99 Liverpool Road, Skelmersdale.

Commemorated also on Skelmersdale Memorial.


Obituary. Memorial photo. Family Grave. Medal Card.

Georgeson George Frederick 36041 Pte 16th Royal Warwickshire Regt

( 2nd Birmigham Pals) formerly 3/3077 Cheshire Regt.

Aged 19.

Buried Favreuil British Cemetery.

Son of Mr & Mrs Georgeson of Moss Nook, Burscough.

Grave photo. Medal card

Georgeson Henry 32909 Pte 10th (Service) Loyal North Lancashire Regt kia 13.8.17.

Has no grave commemorated on Menin Gate, Ypres.

Son of Mr & Mts Georgeson of Moss Nook, Burscough

His younger brother above was also killed

Parish magazine November 1917 records the death.

Memorial Photo. Medal card. Obituary. In Memoria.

Gibbons John Edwin 20338 Pte 12th(Service) Loyal North lancashire Regt

Formerly 1336 Kings(Liverpool) Regt Died 25.10.18. Aged 24.

Gibbons J E

Buried Terlincthun British Cemetery.

Son of George & Agnes Gibbons of Lathom.

Born & lived Lathom.

Worked fo Lord Lathom as gardner pre war territorial.

 Medal Card. Obituary.

Commemorated on Lathom War Memorial, Hall Lane.

Gibbons Richard Collins 14749 L’Cpl 12th Kings ( Liverpool) Regt kia 4th Sept 1916.

Has no grave commemorated on Thiepval Memorial.

Son of Peter Gibbons of Halsall Bridge, nr Ormskirk.

Born Burscough, Lived Ormskirk.

Gibbons R C

Worked as farm teamsman for James Pilkington of Watson House, Halsall, nr Ormskirk.

Medal card. Obituary. Biography. In Memoria.

Commemorated on Halsall War Memorial.

Gill Thomas M.M. 330686 Pte 1/9th Kings(Liverpool) Regt dow 2.9.18.

Buried St Sever Cemetery Rouen.

Son of William & Hannah of Dean Lane, Newburgh.

Born Ormskirk, Lived Newburgh.

Commemorated on Newburgh War Memorial.

Grave photo. Biography. Obituary. Family grave inscription.

Obituary. Biography. Medal card.

Glover William 2358 Rifleman 13th (Service) Kings Royal Rifle Corps dow 7.10.17.

Aged 28. Buried Godswaersvelde British Cemetery

Pronounced ‘god wears velvet’

Son of Henry & Hannah Glover 17 Ashton St, Higher Audley,Blackburn.

Born in Newburgh, Lived Blackburn.

Commemorated on Newburgh War Memorial.

Photo of grave. In Memoria. Obituary. Medal card.

Gore James. 33483 Pte 8th(Service) Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regt. kia 30.4.17.

Commemorated on the Arras Memorial.

Born Ormskirk.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Medal card.

Grice James R/39308 Pte 48th Sqdn Army Service Corps.

Based at Lathom Park.

Died 15th Feb 1919.

Buried St John The Baptist Churchyard Burscough.

Commemorated St John The Baptist.

Memorial photo. Medal card.

Photo Dawson.

Halsall Henry Edward. Sjt 13482. 12th(Service) Kings (Liverpool) Regt kia 16.9.16.

Aged 39.

Buried Guards Cemetery Lesboeufs.


Son of John & Ellen Halsall 101 Liverpool Road, Burscough.

Worked at Sefton house as head gardener.

Parish magazine of St John the Baptist Oct 16 issue records his death. Grave photo. Family grave. Obituary Medal card.

Halsall James Henry. 989 Sjt. 5th Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Kia 19.6.15.

Aged 25. Buried White City Cemetery, Bois Grenier.


Wiiliam Fairhurst Halsall & Jane Ellen Halsall 21 Darcy Road, Everton. Natives of Lathom.

He was born in Burscough, went to live in Goole.

St John Parish Magazine reported his as killed August edition 1915.

Not commemorated at St John The Baptist Church.

Grave photo. Archive ex family. Medal card.

Halton John 20063 Pte 1st Essex Regt. kia 10.7.16.

Aged 30 Married with four children.

Halton (2)Lived at 3 Woodcock View, now known as Cobbs Brow.

Born in Bispham, Lived Newburgh.

Buried Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil.

Commemorated on Newburgh War Memorial.

Photo of he & wife. Medal card. Obituary. Grave Photo.

Harrison John (Job) 32206 Pte. 8th(Service)East Lancashire Regt kia 24.4.17. Has no known grave commemorated on The Arras Memorial.

Aged 20.


Son Joseph & Margaret Harrison, Orrell Lane, Burscough.

Worked for Lathom Council as a clerk in their offices, staunch member of the bible class and choristor at St John The Baptist.

Rev Travers Stoney gave testimony to the lad in church at sunday service, saying he was one of the best from the village.

Memorial Photo. Photograph & obituary.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Parish Magazine June 17 records his death.

Haverty Joseph. 13976 Coy Sjt Maj 6th( Service) Dorset Regt.

Died effects of wounds. 14.6.1920.

Buried St John The Baptist churchyard, Burscough.

Aged 38.

Husband to Marion Haverty 62 Orrell Lane, Burscough.

Son of Mr & Mrs Haverty Brookside House, Burtonwood, nr Warrington.

Parish magazine of St John The Baptist records he being badly gasses in edition of December 1917, like wise in the edition of June cites he being wounded.

Family Grave. Medal card.

Not commemorated at St John The Baptist Church.

Heap Harold 118898 Pte 8th Bn Machine Gun Corps. Infantry. kia 25.3.18.

Aged 20.

Son of James & Philothea Heap.

Born Southport, Lived Newburgh.

Commemorated on Newburgh War Memorial.

Memorial Photo. Medal card.

He fell in the early phase of the German offensive of 1918 whilst fighting over The Somme battle grounds of 1916

Commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial Somme

Hesketh John T3/029602 Act/ Sjt 191st Coy Army Service Corps. Died 6.10.15.

Aged 23. Buried Erquinghem Lys Churchyard Extension.

Born Burscough, Lived Liverpool.

Son of Mary Alice Scott formerly Hesketh. of Sandfield Cottages,

Long Lane, Aughton. And husband of the late Edmund Hesketh.

Not commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Grave Photo. Medal card. Service file.

Hesketh John 268994 Pte 1/7th Kings (Liverpool) Regt. kia 2.8.17.

Has no grave commemorated on Menin Gate, Ypres.

Born Lived Burscough.

Commemorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Memorial photo. Medal card.

Parish magazine of St John records the death saying he lived

Mill Dam Lane, Burscough, September 1917 edition.

Hewitt Walter. 35335 Pte 8th(Service)Border Regt. kia 10.4.18.

Aged 19.

Has no grave commemorated on The Ploegstreet Memorial.

son John & Ellen Lamb of Crabtree Lane, Burscough.

Born & lived Burscough.

His sister Ellen died in 1908 aged 14, his father Robert aged 41 in in 1901. While his mother remarried and lived till 78 dying in 1940.

Memorial Photo. Medal card.

Commemorated at St John The Baptist Burscough.

Holt Arthur 330510 Pte 9thKings (Liverpool) Regt. kia 22.6.17.

Holt A

Buried Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, Ypres.

Son of Mr & Mrs Holt, Railway Road, Ormskirk.

Medal card. Photo. Grave Photo.

Born & lived Ormskirk.

Not Commeorated at St John The Baptist Church.

Hornby James

37026 Pte 18th( Service) Kings (Liverpool) Regt 2nd City Pals.

Kia 31.7.17. Has no grave commemorated on Menin Gate, Ypres.

Son of Henry & Sarah Hornby, Dunbells Farm, Westhead.

Born Burscough, lived Lathom.

Photo. Obituary. In Memoria. Medal card.

Commemorated at st James Church, Westhead.

Horner James. 26282, Pte 8th(Service) Cheshire Regt. kia 5.4.16.

Aged 23.

Born Westhead, lived in Seacombe with his brother.


One of a family of seven, with another brother servig.

Has no grave commemorated on Basra Memorial.

Son of late William horer 23 Wigan Road, Westhead.

Photo, Obituary. Biography.

Commeorated at St James Church Westhead.

Horrocks Isaac 7804 Sjt ‘D’ Coy 15th Lancashire Fusiliers kia 12.10.16

served as Isaac Mann his mothers maiden name.

Buried Guards Cemetery, Les Boeufs, Somme.

Aged 34 had served 17 years with the colours, being a reservist at outbreak of war.

Lived with his wife & two children at Briars Brook, Lathom.

Worked at the AOC Depot in Burscough.

Had a number of brothers serving one William Horrocks (Mann) kia at Gallipoli 25th April 1915 at Lancashire Landing on the occasion of the 6 VC’s before breakfast.

With brothers Thomas Robert & John all in the army serving all of them as Horrocks.

Parsih magazine of St John records the death of Pte Horrocks of Briars Brook

Edition of 25th March 1917.

Commemorated aat St John The Baptist Church.

Obituary. Medal card. Fallen in Fight.

Howard Thomas 41348 Pte 2nd South Wales Borderers kia 11.4.18.

Has no grave on Ploegstreet Memorial.

Howard Wm SWB

Son of John & Elizabeth Howard 83 Railway Cottages, Burscough.

Born & lived Burscough

Parish Magazine July 18 records he and Pte Hewitt as ‘missing’. In January 1919 he was still assumed to be ‘missing’

Photo. Obituary. Medal card. Memorial photo.

Commemorated at St John The Baptist Church, Burscough.

Howard William 48805 Pte 12th(Service) The Kings (Liverpool) Regt. kia 23.3.18.

Has no grave commemorated on Pozieres Memorial Somme.

Born Southport, lived Burscough.

Memorial photo. Medal card.

Howden Harry Leslie G23061 Pte 10th(Service) The Queens Regt RWS.

Aged 19. Kia 22.9.17.

Has no known grave commemorated on Tyne Cot Memorial.

Son of Henry Slack & Jane Jackson Howden, of The Gables, Newburgh.

Born Blackburn, lived Newburgh.

Commemorated on parents grave at Newburgh Church,

Orrell Congregational Church Roll of Honour.

Not on Newburgh Memorial.

Memorial photo. Medal card.

Hunter George 58026 Pte 126th Coy Machine Gun Corps. kia 3.3.17.

Formerly 6704 Royal Flying Corps.

Aged 33

Buried New Irish Farm Cemetery, nr Ypres.

Wife Edith Hannah Hunter, 30 Mill Street, Ormskirk.

Grave photo. In Memoria. Obituary.

Hunter John 313601 Gnr. Royal Garrison Artillery

( North Midland Staffs) Battery TF RGA.

Aged 36.

Buried Brandenhoek New Military Cemetery No 3,

Vlamertinghe, Nr Ypres.


Husband of Ceclia hunter Mill Lane, Lathom.

Brother of above George Hunter.

Sons of James & Ellen above.

Good allround sportsman played for Ormskirk Cricket Club.

Sang in the choir at St John The Baptist Church.

Was killed in action assisting another wounded soldier.

Commeorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Photo. Biography. Obituary. Grave photo. Medal card.

Huyton John William 2575 1/9th Kings (Liverpool) Regt kia 25.9.18.

Huyton J W

Has no grave commemorated on Loos Memorial.

Grave photo. Memorial photo. Medal card. In Memoria.

Not on St Johns Parish Church Memorial.

Iddon Hugh Bridge 53786 Pte 3rd Worcestershire Regt kia 26.4.18.

Aged 22.

Has no known grave on Tyne Cot Memorial.

Son of Mr & Mrs Iddon, Carr Lane, Lathom.

Commeorated on St John The Baptist Church Memorial.

Memorial photo. Medal card.


Iddon James 267588 Pte 2/7th Kings (Liverpool) Regt kia 16.7.17.

Aged 23

Buried Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery, Armentieres.


Son of William & Mary Ann Iddon 109 Burscough Town.

Grave photo. Photo shown with brother.

Johnson Henry.

No information at all.

Jones Thomas Ernest 203915 Pte. 9th(Service ) Loyal North Lancashire Regt.

Died 10.10.18. Aged 20.

Buried Niederzwehren Germany.

Died as Prisoner of War.

Son of Thomas & Mary Jones 45 The Avenue, Leigh, Lancashire. Native of Burscough.

Born Burscough.

No photos nor images.


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